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FNF games online

The funniest FNF mods 🔥

Meet Boyfriend and Girlfriend in Five Night Funkin Games

Boyfriend and Girlfriend are the protagonists of the successful game Five Night Funkin that has managed to hook thousands of fans around the world. Undoubtedly, bringing back a game mode that was already a success in the early 2000s has been a success and this title will remind us of some others such as Guitar Hero or Rock Band. In this style of games, your mission is to synchronize the music with the keys that appear. You must press on them when they pass through the indicated place for it, getting a better score if you manage to do it perfectly.
In FNF, the initials by which the game is known, we are going to live the adventure of Boyfriend who, in his eagerness to win over his girlfriend, is going to have to face the opposition of his evil father. To get the girl's hand we will have to defeat Girlfriend's father in a very fun dance duel that will last a week.
But, without a doubt, it has been the mods created by fans that have made Five Night Funkin such a success. In these modified versions, characters from other famous video games have been implemented so that they also face the dance challenge with Boyfriend. This is how the mods appear in our catalog of FNF games together with Sonic, Mario Bros or characters like Huggy Wuggy (Poppy Playtime) or Cuphead, among others.

Do you want to dance? Take on the challenge of FNF

Before continuing, we must clarify that FNF (Five Night Funkin) should not be confused with another of the most outstanding titles of recent years, FNAF (Five Night at Freddy's), since they are completely different games. While the former is a classic-style dance game , the latter is a survival horror game. Of course, both have things in common such as that the action of their game takes place over a week.
Also, due to this confusion, it was expected that there would be a crossover between the two titles and that's right, fans have created the FNF vs Freddy mod and many others so that these games with similar titles can meet. Of course, the guests can change, but the gameplay will be exactly the same. Your goal is to replicate your rival's steps perfectly in order to get a favorable score and be able to continue advancing in the adventure.
Enjoy the music and all the dancing in the original FNF game and all the Five Night Funkin mods that are taking the net by storm.

Play Five Night Funkin online at BitJuegos

We have not yet alluded to one of the most important things about the Five Night Funkin game and that is that it is a completely free online game. Its development was for the Newgrounds and Itch.io page. Likewise, the mods can be easily found on the Internet, without the need to download or pay anything.
The best thing is that the widest selection of FNF games and mods is at Bitjuegos so you don't miss out on anything that its developers have to offer us. Don't miss a beat, show that you have no rival on stage and beat your opponents in the hilarious dance challenges of Five Night Funkin online .